Incorrect Information on Duke Energy’s Published Net Metering Rate Schedule

I learned the hard way that Duke Energy Carolinas has incorrect information published on their Net Metering rate schedule.  This cost me my first Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) for my solar PV production. Even now, almost 2 months after this was brought to my attention by Duke Energy, the same rate schedule is still on their Web Site at: as of 2/4/2011.

I will let you form your own opinion as to whether it is right that a company is benefiting as a result of publishing incorrect/out-dated information.  It is only right for me to make any readers considering installing solar PV and intending to use Net-Metering aware that you must switch your residential service to Time of Use if you want to retain ownership of your RECs.

When I found this out my system had been running about 40 days and had produced about 600 kWh of electricity.  Even worse, a partial REC cannot be transferred, so I had to give Duke an additional 400 kWh of production.

I hope this information helps someone else in North Carolina trying to do the right thing with Renewable Energy!  Our service is now on Time of Use.

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