NC Renewable Energy Credits Available for Solar Set-Aside

NC Renewable Energy Credits Available for the Solar Set-Aside

We have two Renewable Energy Facilities registered in the NC-RETS Renewable Energy Portfolio Tracking System.  Both facilities are located inside North Carolina and produce power from certified and calibrated metered systems.  I will consider selling solar PV and metered solar thermal RECs to North Carolina Power Companies, Co-Ops or municipalities who are also registered in the NC-RETS system.

Follow this link ( ) to see a current listing of the NC-RETS Bulletin board, currently about 25 RECs are available for transfer / sale.  Look for facilities GEN259 and GEN266 .


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  1. By Ken Clifton, September 25, 2011 @ 3:52 pm

    It would be great to find another small solar PV producer in North Carolina to combine solar RECs with to meet the minimum purchase requirements of several large North Carolina Power Companies!

    Please reply or use the CONTACT ME link above if you produce NC Solar RECs and have ownership of those RECs.

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