Envoy-S Local Solar Inverter Inventory and Status

I added a GitHub repository this morning for this Python script.

The purpose of this script is to retrieve inventory and inverter status information locally without traversing the Internet, or the need for the Enphase installer toolkit.

This Python script was created to run on Python 3.5 on most operating systems.
It has been tested on Pythonista version 3 on the iPad as well.

The script writes out a plain HTML file named: envoy-inventory.html , then opens that html in the local Web browser.  Feedback is appreciated!

The easiest way to use this on the iPad and iPhone is with Pythonista version 3 and the Pythonista Web server that allows easy uploads of scripts to the iOS.  The FileTransfer Web server is only used to get the script on to the iPad, so it is really only needed one time.  That Web server can also be found on GitHub, it is named FileTransfer.

Here is a sample screenshot (with inverter serial numbers redacted):
Script Output: Envoy-S Local Inventory and Status