Eye Donor Letter

Subject: Please Convey My Sincere, Heartfelt Thanks

Dear Sir/ Madam,

Words cannot express the difference your loved one’s gift of vision has made in my life, and to my family. My entire life I have had useful vision in only one eye due to a birth defect. Beginning in 2007 I began to lose that vision due to a corneal disease called Fuch’s Corneal Dystrophy.

Fuch’s disease not only causes loss of vision, but in its later stages extremely painful blisters can erupt on the eyes, causing severe pain. For the last six months I have suffered from multiple blisters on both eyes. The pain and loss of vision are a terrible combination.

This October, at the age of 54 my vision was so bad I had to stop my college teaching due to the loss of vision. I could no longer work to support my two young children, aged 7 and 13. This was a very stressful time for my family.

By the grace of God, I found a very gifted surgeon at the University of Alabama, Callahan Eye Hospital. Dr. Parker was able to perform a transplant for me on October 28th that not only restored my vision to 20/20, but also took away the terrible pain in one of my eyes. Your loved one’s gift changed my life.

I am scheduled to receive another corneal transplant soon. Our hope is that it will eliminate the pain and restore some vision in my other eye with the birth defect. That eye also has multiple blisters from Fuch’s disease.

Thanks to the caring donation of the eyes of a kind, selfless person I am able to see. I can’t describe the powerful explosion of color, beauty and light that I have seen this week. When we returned home I was able to see the faces of my two children again. In January of 2015, I hope to return to teaching at the Community College to continue making a difference in the lives of hundreds of students.

Please know that your loving donation of sight has made a HUGE difference, and has touched many lives.

With Sincere, Heartfelt Thanks

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