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TED EnergyPress Plug-in

Interested in publicizing your Solar, Wind, Micro-Hydro or even your energy consumption?

Perhaps you just want to keep better tabs on your energy production or consumption. This plug-in for the popular WordPress blogging software is for you!


  • Easily publish any generation or consumption measuring device (MTU).
  • Inverter or stand-by loads can be specified so those draws are removed from the readings and graph.
  • Caching features to greatly speed up busy Web servers.
  • Title the readings and real-time graph with any text.
  • Direct memory dumps from the TED-5000 for sub-second response and very low impact on the Web server and the TED-5000.


  • EnergyPress is available for $14.99 per Web Server.
  • A trial version can be provided.  The trial version does not produce the energy graph seen on this site.  The trial version also displays an “unlicensed copy!” message in the energy readings.
  • To Purchase the plug-in visit the Contact link on this site to receive details.
  • Payments can only be made using PayPal or other options as agreed.


  • The TED-5000 energy monitor system is a versatile networked system produced by “The Energy Detective, Inc.” The TED-5000 is capable of measuring both consumption and energy production by a variety of sources including Solar, Wind and Micro-Hydro.
  • This plug-in is for WordPress versions greater than 3.0 . The plug-in displays the current daily power and energy readings as a widget that can be dragged to the sidebar in WordPress at any location. The plug-in also generates a graph of the energy generation or consumption measuring unit (MTU) specified in the plug-in settings.
  • Please note that this plug-in is NOT a product of “The Energy Detective, Inc. If it doesn’t work, please contact me, not the producers of the TED-5000 device.


  • The PHP.INI file setting “allow_url_fopen=’off’” if set will cause this plugin not to work. If your Web server has that setting enabled, you MUST change this to allow_url_fopen = ‘on’ to allow the plugin to download the data from the TED-5000.
  • The PHP setting “MagicQuotes” will cause this plugin not to work. If you Web server has that setting enabled, you should seriously consider disabling it due to MANY security risks.
  • The plugin WP_SUPERCACHE can also cause this plugin not to work.
  • Sites hosted by WordPress.com cannot enable plugins, so using this plugin with those hosted sites is not possible at this time.

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