Babydoll Southdowns


We love our registered Babydoll Southdown sheep!

Our Babydoll Southdown Pasture

Our Babydoll Southdown Pasture

Babydoll Southdowns are one of the most gentle, docile breeds of minature sheep.  All of our flock receive lots of human interaction and attention.  They have been great around our children.

We expect to have at least two lambs for sale in March of 2017.  Below are some photos of previous lambs from our flock.    Visit the Lambs for Sale Page (here) for more information. Ram lambs usually cost $250 each, ewe lambs cost $500 each.  Lambs will be registered with the NABSSAR registry and a pedigree can be provided along with a certificate of registration.  To telephone or email visit the contact menu option above.

Our new 1 day old fluffy white ram and Sarah

An one day old fluffy white lamb and Sarah

The two new mothers

Two of our mothers






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