Lambs for Sale

We are expecting to have at least two lambs for sale in 2017.  Our ewes usually lamb in March which means the lambs would be available in May.  Our lambs are priced at $250 for rams and $500 for ewes.  Refundable reservations are being accepted, the lambs usually sell very quickly!

All of our sheep have been wormed and their tails have been docked.  We test for worms every 90 days and so far none have been found in our pasture. As required, both lambs are tagged with the USDA scrapie program identification.

All of our lambs will have received all the vaccinations as follows:  CD&T, Pasturella, Blackleg, Malignant Edema, and for caseous lymphadenitis.  Compare our immunizations to what is available elsewhere!

We keep all of our sheep and lambs in an excellent environment with lots of human interaction.   Please use the “Contact”  link on the menu above for telephone (704-633-2248), physical address or to send an email.

Here are some photos of lambs from previous years.

October Lambs Photo

October 2013 Lambs Photo (sold)


Off-White Babydoll Southdown Ram, Born 3/2013

Off-White Babydoll Southdown Ram, born 3/2013 (sold)


Brown (black) Babydoll Southdown Ram, born 3/2013

Brown (black) Babydoll Southdown Ram, born 3/2013 (sold)


photo of Babydoll Slouthdown rams for sale

2013 Babydoll Southdown Rams (sold)


Another photo of Babydoll Southdown rams (sold)


Babydoll Southdown rams for sale

Sarah holding one of our Babydoll Southdown lambs (sold)

Babydoll Southdown ram for sale

Babydoll Southdown ram (sold)


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