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Welcome to Ken Clifton’s blog. If you are a student you will be most interested in the “teaching” category content. Please feel free to explore the “About” and “Resume/CV” links at top of this page.  If you are interested in RECs please see the renewable energy credits link.  The Salisbury Post did a front page story […]

Video: The True Cost of Gasoline

Sometimes the truth hurts a lot. But then again, so does COPD and not being able to breathe. Watch this video on the true cost of gasolene.

Battery-Less Wind Turbine and Micro-Inverter

Interesting research that changed my perspective on small wind turbines and micro-inverters. In fact, I believe this to be cost-effective and practical when time of use demand charges are a factor.

Regressive New NC Fee for Electric Vehicles

So, with the New Year, the Legislators officially embark on another quest to discourage electric vehicles. We all breathe the same air, so they will be inhaling the effects of their own work along with the rest of us. Lets hope that all the studies about the ozone and air quality are wrong, otherwise they […]

Seven Years of Biomass

Seven years ago we installed a LMF 100,000 Btu Biomass furnace. Well, it is still running — especially last night and today. The temp recorded on the solar thermal collector last night was 14.8 degrees here just outside Salisbury, NC. There is no replacement for solid fuel combustion — talk about HEAT.

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Catawba Sustainable Communities Talk

Talk given to Dr. Wear’s Sustainable Communities class on November, 11, 2013

How Far Behind Tennessee is North Carolina?

Short answer: real far, when it comes to electric vehicle charging sites…Last summer my family took a trip to Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge and Sevierville Tennessee.
As a two electric car family, I popped up the Recargo App on the iPhone to check out near by charging stations. Here is what I saw (notice most sites actually had TWO CHARGING STATIONS. Compare that to our North Carolina EV Desert.

Solar Presentation at Dan Nicholas Park

I am speaking about Solar and Renewable Energy today at the Simple Living Festival at Dan Nicholas Park in Rowan County, NC:    

New 2013 Energy Series Classes in April

Registration form for Solar Electric Basics class. To register for the April 26th, Solar Electric Generation Class visit: