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NC Renewable Energy Credits Available for Solar Set-Aside

NC Renewable Energy Credits Available for the Solar Set-Aside We have two Renewable Energy Facilities registered in the NC-RETS Renewable Energy Portfolio Tracking System.  Both facilities are located inside North Carolina and produce power from certified and calibrated metered systems.  I will consider selling solar PV and metered solar thermal RECs to North Carolina Power […]

Speaking at Dan Nicholas Park Simple Living Festival (Earth Day)

I am giving a presentation on Saturday, May 5th at Dan Nicholas Park from 11AM until Noon on the Ins and Outs of Solar Energy! Stop in and say hi if you have time. We’ll be in the Nature Auditorium.  Admission is free.

Thanks for “Going Green” at RCCC Today!

It was really neat to see three all-electric cars at Rowan-Cabarrus Community College today for the “Bright Ideas for Going Green” class!  And don’t forget, we have a solar thermal and solar electric generation class in April — see the previous posts here. We had some really good students in the class, including a CEO […]

Why Would A Solar Producer Go With the NC GreenPower Program?

Perhaps someone can clear this up for me since I do Net-Metering… Why would a small solar producer go with NC GreenPower? From my understanding, with the NC GreenPower Program you are required to have a second meter, with a monthly charge of around ($15 per month), then pay some administrative charges to the power […]

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Incorrect Information on Duke Energy’s Published Net Metering Rate Schedule

I learned the hard way that Duke Energy Carolinas has incorrect information published on their Net Metering rate schedule.  This cost me my first Renewable Energy Certificate (REC) for my solar PV production. Even now, almost 2 months after this was brought to my attention by Duke Energy, the same rate schedule is still on […]

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Solar PV Installation

In September of 2010 we undertook a solar electric generation project for our home.  The Sharp ND235F3 Mono Crystalline panels were mounted on the pole today.  Hopefully, we will get approval to connect to the grid soon.

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