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Welcome to Ken Clifton’s blog. If you are a student you will be most interested in the “teaching” category content. Please feel free to explore the “About” and “Resume/CV” links at top of this page.  If you are interested in RECs please see the renewable energy credits link.  The Salisbury Post did a front page story […]

NC Renewable Energy Credits Available for Solar Set-Aside

NC Renewable Energy Credits Available for the Solar Set-Aside We have two Renewable Energy Facilities registered in the NC-RETS Renewable Energy Portfolio Tracking System.  Both facilities are located inside North Carolina and produce power from certified and calibrated metered systems.  I will consider selling solar PV and metered solar thermal RECs to North Carolina Power […]

Thanks for Attending the Basics of Solar Thermal @ RCCC

Registration information for “The Basics of Solar Electric Generation” and the promised copy of the presentation from today’s Solar Thermal class at RCCC! Thanks to those who attended.

Video: The True Cost of Gasoline

Sometimes the truth hurts a lot. But then again, so does COPD and not being able to breathe. Watch this video on the true cost of gasolene.

Catawba Sustainable Communities Talk

Talk given to Dr. Wear’s Sustainable Communities class on November, 11, 2013

Solar Presentation at Dan Nicholas Park

I am speaking about Solar and Renewable Energy today at the Simple Living Festival at Dan Nicholas Park in Rowan County, NC:    

Photos from the Solar Class at the Simple Living Festival on May 5, 2012

We had a really good turn out for the Solar Class at Dan Nicholas Park on May 5, 2012! About 50 people came to the solar class and many stayed after to talk about our solar charged Nissan LEAF(s).  Several folks visited our home later to see solar PV and solar thermal in action. Here […]

Speaking at Dan Nicholas Park Simple Living Festival (Earth Day)

I am giving a presentation on Saturday, May 5th at Dan Nicholas Park from 11AM until Noon on the Ins and Outs of Solar Energy! Stop in and say hi if you have time. We’ll be in the Nature Auditorium.  Admission is free.

Thanks for Attending “the Basics of Solar Electric Generation” Today at RCCC

Thanks to all who attended the Basics of Solar Electric Generation today at RCCC! We had a really good turnout! If you missed it, sorry! This is likely my last solar class of the year!

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