Enphase Envoy-S Eventlog Archiver

Back in January of 2017 I made a Python script available to archive the older (pill-style) Enphase Envoy event logs.

The newer Envoy-S has a different data structure that requires different JSON mechanics.   Events are saved with the name:  envoy-eventlog-yyyymmdd-hhmmss.csv (where yyyy is the four-digit year, mm is the two-digit month, and dd is the two-digit day, followed by the hhmmss timestamp).

Eventlog CSV File Loaded into LibreOffice Calc

I added a GitHub repository for this Envoy-S Python version 3 script today.

Running the Script
The very top line in the Python script will need to be changed to reflect the password to the target Envoy-S.

The script requires one argument when run, the IP address of the Envoy. In the following examples an address of for the Envoy is used.

Here is a sample command on Linux to run the script (notice Python3 and quotes):
Python3 save-events.py ‘’

On Windows the command to run this script is:
python save-events.py

The script enumerates any existing envoy-eventlog files that are in the same location as the script, then reads the last row in the last event log to find the last saved ‘Event ID.” The script will only save events that occur after that event id to prevent duplication of data.

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